My name is Beatriz, and I am a creative and passionate professional.

With my background in Fine Art and specialization in graphic design, I aim to bring a lot of creativity and artistic flair to my work. My attention to detail and love for to-do lists keep my workload organized and diligent in my project management.

I am Spanish and married to an Englishman. We are a bilingual family and chose to settle down in rural north Spain after living in big cities like London, Berlin, and Madrid. It is peaceful and beautiful here!

I obtained my degree on Fine Arts & Graphic Design from my hometown Seville, in South Spain. Creativity has been present in my daily life since a young age, always interested in drawing and looking at images on art & design books.

I am the co-founder of BEVA, a digital marketing service that offers expertise in Pinterest strategy management.

Digital Marketing Pinterest beva

As a creative professional, I started working on my own Pinterest account years ago, as a base to experiment with the new tools and algorithms that the platform releases every other month. I then implemented my best results for professional colleagues and about two years ago I moved on to private clients co-creating BEVA Studio.

My Studio collaborates with Interior Designers. We provide them with a portfolio of professional, hand-crafted contemporary paintings, that can offer unique artwork options to interior designers looking to enhance their projects.

My paintings speak to whimsical notions of abstraction, as well as the colour palette of realist painters, such as Antonio Lopez Garcia. Often working large-scale canvases with acrylic and oil paint, I utilise my research in colour psychology to give the works a sensory effect. Texture is built through gestural mark-making to imprint the canvas, indicative of the time and thought that I pour out on each one of my pieces.

We lead our work with integrity, teamwork, and continually learning Pinterest and its algorithm. We support our clients by being the best we can be and giving our projects everything we’ve got.