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Get Inspired with Modern Art Original Paintings & Prints for Wall Decor from Beatriz Vazquez Studio

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Your home is a reflection of your family’s unique spirit. Embrace the vibrancy of a lively family home interior with our art collection. Let the colors on your walls echo the joy, love, and energy that define your loved ones.

My wish is that displaying my art pieces on your walls helps you create a space where everyone feels at home.

The living room, where your family comes together, is the heart of your home, and it deserves to be as lively and colorful as your family itself.

Embrace a Lively Family Home Interior!

Imagine stepping into your living room and being greeted by the presence of nature. Our botanical print collection is here to make that dream a reality. Each print in this carefully curated selection will remind you of nature’s grace.

Each print is not just a standalone piece but a harmonious part of a greater gallery, bringing your living room decor into complete aesthetic harmony.

Craft a Botanical Print Gallery Wall in Your Living Room

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This Year?

My Art Studio Helps You with a Collection of Modern Original Paintings.

This Collection of Curated Art will Help You to Decor your Home like a Professional Interior Designer.

Transform Your Space with A Unique Original Painting

unique original painting can bring life to your room, turning it into an artful story.

Every brushstroke, every color, and every detail in an original painting tales a story waiting to be explored, a piece that will invite your guests into its conversation. You are crafting the narrative of your home and your own individuality.

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About Beatriz

I create abstract flower paintings that are bold and beautiful for women wanting to make their space beautiful and feel inspired in their everyday.

Find out more about the artistic journey of professional painter Beatriz Vazquez. Learn what her studio offers for modern wall printable art decor, and inspiring decorating ideas for your home interior through her beautiful large abstract flower paintings on canvas.

My Studio

My Studio offers abstract original flower oil paintings on canvas & high quality prints that are bold and colorful for women wanting to make their home interior and work space beautiful and feel inspired in their everyday.

The Flower Market Collection

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