Welcome to my ART STUDIO in rural Northern SPAIN


Abstract Painting | Studio Practise for Landscape Art

Discover the beauty of abstract art in my custom-made landscape paintings. From my art studio practise, my goal is to craft mesmerising art pieces that capture the essence of nature. Explore my portfolio now and experience art like never before!


Original Canvas Artwork for International Collectors & Art Galleries

Looking for original artwork to add to your art collection? My canvas artwork pieces are perfect for showing off in art galleries. All pieces are crafted in my art studio with love, care and attention to detail. Browse my available artwork now and give your collection the boost it needs!

Artist Collaborations with Interior Designers | Get Professional Results

Ready for amazing results? As an artist I get professional art collaborations with Interior Designers. Let's work together and bring out the beauty of your interior design project. Get in touch with my studio now and get the best results!

“Beatriz´s paintings are exquisite. And I think that every time I look at the one on my wall.”

Maria Olivia


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Get inspired by nature this summer by adding new paintings featuring vibrant landscapes and floral designs to your home decor.
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Why You Need an Original Flower Painting for Your Collection
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Beatriz Vazquez creates abstract landscape paintings.

Beatriz Vazquez is a Spain-based painter who draws on colour psychology and her environment in Asturias (Spain Northern rural area) for an ever-evolving source of inspiration in her abstract landscape paintings.


Whether you’re curious about Beatriz´s work, would like a catalogue of her available work, or even press, we’re here to answer any questions.