Summer Of Color: Bring Art into Your Home with A Small Original Artwork

Bring art into your home with a small original artwork and let the summer mood inspire your interior decoration.

If you are interested in art and enjoy visiting museums, painting exhibitions or simply feel inspired by a curated interior, please keep on reading.

I will give you some ideas on how to start collecting art, and I mean original art like oil painting, that is beautiful yet affordable.

This post is all about how to bring art into your home with a small original artwork.

small original artwork

Start Your Art Collection with A Small Original Artwork

If you start your art collection with a small original artwork, you will be investing on a unique piece that will help to create the curated home interior of your dreams.

When we visit an exhibition, we get inspired by the work of artists. Sometimes these contemporary pieces are big and bold.

And although it is inspiring to be among them, we know we couldn’t display them in our living room.

However, a small original painting can fit comfortably in our entryway, bedroom or above a reading corner.

So small oil paintings are like little treasures waiting for their new owner.

How can I start collecting art?

When a friend asks me how can I start collecting art? I often say start small.

And I mean small both in size and budget.

Firstly, you can visit temporary exhibitions in the museums near you. These can give you a good idea of what your taste is.

Also, browsing Instagram has become a popular way to discover new artists. Painters invest time off their studios to create content that display their art.

Look at this content, find what inspire you, and don’t be afraid to write to the artist you have fallen in love with.

If there is a good communication between you, and mostly there always is, you could purchase your first piece of art.

Affordable Small Oil Paintings

As I have mentioned before, affordable small oil paintings are the perfect investment.

If you want to get the curated home look, you must be mindful of what you bring into it.

Firstly, oil painting artworks are special because of the materials and technique they demand. Artists that use oil painting have been studying for years.

Secondly, if you find the artist you like, you will be supporting their career by purchasing their work.

Also, be honest when discussing your budget with the painter. It can be disappointing to create false expectations both for the artist and yourself.

oil painting for sale canvases

What art is trending right now?

If you ask me what art is trending right now, I will say abstract art from emerging artists.

However, us individuals are unique. Our motivations and aesthetics can be influence by trends, we know this.

When I invest on something that I have been looking at for some time, it is because I have made an informed decision.

I believe art isn’t a good fit for compulsive buying. So you shouldn’t worry about what looks good on others people home but think of which art makes you happy to look at.

modern fine art oil painting artworks

How To Decorate Your Home with Art?

How To Use Art To Decorate A Room?

If you use art to decorate a room, you will add personality and style to the space.

Choose an original artwork that has a personal meaning to you. A small piece of art can be large in significance.

Here are some tips:


The importance of creating a focal point.

If you are investing in an original piece of art, you should make it stand out.

Make it the focal point and your painting will set the mood for the rest of the space.


The size of the art matters.

When you live in an apartment, you need to consider what size of art you can fit in your wall decor.

So be realistic about it.


Experiment and have fun!

Overall, remember that art is subjective. We don’t all like the same. What moves you? What feels cozy and home to you?


Then remember these when creating a special corner with your new artwork.

How Do You Decorate With Framed Art?

Now, I am a firm believer on displaying art beautifully. And so that I encourage my clients to frame the paintings they buy from me.

Believe me, it really makes a difference.

However, keep in mind that the frame serves the purpose of making the art stand out even more. But also, it needs to match the room style.

At the end, you want a visual flow between the framed art and the other elements in the room.

Should Every Wall Have Something On It?

When we considering updating our interior decor, we usually start moving furniture around or questioning our wall decor.

However, the decision to leave a wall bare or adorn it with decor depends on your unique space and taste.

An empty wall can balance the visuals of your living room, for example.

If you like to collect vintage objects, you might end up with a fuller room than a minimalist.

To sum up, try to think of your space as an empty canvas. Apply colors and shapes gradually, rearrange if necessary, and don’t be afraid of the process.

pink rose flower oil painting frame

3 Artwork Ideas: Modern Fine Art Oil Painting

Now, here are three modern fine art oil paintings from my online gallery shop that you can consider for decorating your space:


geranium oil painting artist
geranium oil painting art wall


pink rose flower oil painting


This post was all about how to bring art into your home with a small original artwork.

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