The Most Loved Boho Style Blush Orange Flowers Artwork

If you are considering investing in an original artwork, I want to show you boho style blush orange flowers artwork.

When collectors search for a rose oil painting on canvas, they visit my gallery profile. They can see straight away that I have specialized in landscape painting with flowers.

When a client purchases an original artwork from me, they get a pink rose flower oil painting that make them feel special and inspired in their everyday life.

This post is all about the most loved boho style blush orange flowers artwork in my online gallery shop.

boho style blush orange flower artwork

What Is The Best Way To Do Accent Walls?

Modern Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

If you want to live in a stylish home, you can start by designing your living room.

Since it is probably the space you use the most, I want to give you 3 modern living room accent wall ideas that will inspire you in this journey.

1. Black Accent Wall with Artwork

If you want your wall and artwork pop in your living room, consider painting your accent wall black.

I love the contrast between the white living space and the elegant accent wall with artwork.

black accent wall artwork

2. Living Room Accent Wall Paint Ideas

If you aren´t quite convinced by the black wall idea, but still want to change the paint color, choose a shade close to the original artwork color palette.

Living Room Accent Wall Paint Ideas

3. Yellow Mustard Accent Wall

If you prefer something bold, place your artwork on a yellow mustard statement wall. You will create a stunning focal point in your living room.

yellow mustard accent wall

Are Accent Walls Still In Style in 2024?

If you are wondering whether accent walls are still in style in 2024, the answer is yes, definitely yes.

For instance, do a quick search on Pinterest and you will see the vast number of interior designers using yellow, or black! to create a focal point in their client´s projects.

Also, it is the most cost-effective way to create interest and a sense of elegance in an otherwise bland interior.

When you place your recently purchased oil painting on canvas on your wall, you want your guests to notice it.

So that, you will be thoughtful of other decor elements near the artwork. Most probably you will decide to dedicate that whole wall to your original art. And as a result you have created your accent wall. Voilà!

Affordable large wall art

My Blush Orange Flowers Artwork Is Now Available Online

Affordable Large Wall Art For Living Room

If you are looking for beautiful yet affordable wall art for your living room, I want to show you my most loved blush orange flowers artwork.

Now, this rose oil painting on canvas has got so much attention that it will probably find a home soon.

So, if you are interested, please visit my SHOP ORIGINALS in my home page.

Boho Style Botanical Original Artwork

If the bohemian decor style is your aesthetic, botanical art is what you want for your wall decor.

For example, there are multiple options of botanical prints that are very affordable. If you want to design a gallery wall with a variety of frames and sizes, prints can be a good idea.

However, if exclusivity is what you are aiming for, a boho style botanical original artwork becomes the statement you are looking for.

Therefore, look for an artwork that complements your neutral color living room and has botanical elements like plants and flowers.

Most importantly, your original artwork will showcase texture and interest in every brush stroke, adding even more boho fleur to your space.

boho style botanical original artwork

Where To Buy Original Art Online In The Usa

Best Online Art Gallery To Purchase Original Art

Currently, looking at the number of positive reviews, the best online art selling platform is Saatchi Art.

When you don’t know artists locally, or prefer to research a broad selection of art, going online will help you.

Saatchi Art is a marketplace where artists sell their paintings to a wide range of collectors and interior designers.

In fact, many professional art galleries worldwide look for new talent in this platform.

So now, you can take advantage of the resources this art gallery offers to browse freely for your big new art piece.

What Type Of Art Is The Best Investment?

If you are wondering what type of art the best investment is, contemporary art from an emerging artist is the most affordable to start with.

Artists that are just starting their career in the commercial art gallery world, will most probably increase their value over time.

So that, emerging artists are a profitable investment.

In the contrary, investing in a big art piece by a renowned painter will require a considerable payment. Also, its value could fluctuate depending on the popularity of the artist and trends.

pink rose flower oil painting

As a conclusion, I hope you have found inspiration and guidance for your living room interior design.

We have seen why and how to create a focal point using a wall to display your original artwork, so your guests can enjoy looking at it.

Also, with my tips on where to find quality original art online in the USA, you will be able to invest confidently on your first artwork.

This blog post was all about the most loved boho style blush orange flowers artwork in my online gallery shop.

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