3 Unique Wedding Gifts Ideas for Couple First Time Apartment

If you are looking for unique wedding gifts ideas for a couple first time apartment this post is for you.

When you receive the invitation to a wedding, you know that finding the right gift for the couple is always going to be challenging.

However, when the newlywed apartment is still new, you can take advantage of these decorating ideas and help them create a colorful and cozy first time apartment that they will love!

This post is all about giving you unique wedding gifts ideas for a couple first time apartment.

wedding gifts couple first time apartment

What Is The Best Gift For Newly Married Couple?

Unforgettable Wedding Gifts For Best Friend

When your best friend is getting married, you feel so happy and excited for them! If you already have some ideas of unforgettable wedding gifts, but don’t feel quite sure about any of them, please keep reading.

If you want a unique gift for the newly married couple, you need something personalized and that make them feel seen and truly special.

And what is more unforgettable than something beautiful and unique for their small apartment contemporary art wall, like a piece of art that will accompany their lives forever.

unforgettable wedding gifts for best friend

What To Gift A Couple Who Have Everything?

And, the big question is, what to gift a couple who have everything? Again, my suggestion is to look at art. There is something so special about owning and original artwork and looking at it every day.

When you purchase a piece of artwork as a wedding gift, you are giving the couple something not only materialistic. Art can elevate the mood of a room, and make the owners feel inspired in their everyday.

Since now days we tend to have too many of too much, investing on the art world is attracting a wider and more diverse audience.

In their busy daily life, the couple will love to come home and admire their beautiful and inspiring art.

Newlywed Apartment Decorating Ideas

How To Decorate Walls In A Small Apartment?

If the newlyweds are moving into a small apartment, they might be wondering how to decor the walls to make their first place together feel colorful and cozy.

If you gift them a landscape painting with flowers, the power of the artwork will transform a blank space into their dream colorful and cozy first time apartment.

The painting on canvas that you choose, will give them decorating ideas to continue filling up their space.

They will feel inspired by the originality of the piece of art, and will want to match its importance with carefully curated furniture.

When you have an artwork as a focal point in your living room, its colors influence the decor items you collect to go in the same space.

How Do I Choose Wall Art For An Apartment?

If you are wondering, how do I choose art for an apartment? you are not the only one.

I hear you, to buy original art online in the USA can be overwhelming for first time investors.

You will have to choose which marketplace, online gallery shop or artist´s website to purchase from.

I go into more detail below, hoping you find the information useful.

small apartment contemporary art wall

Where Is A Good Place To Buy Art Online?

How Do You Buy Real Art On A Budget?

If you have already decided to invest on a unique and unforgettable wedding gift, like an artwork, now you want to know where a good place is to buy art online.

If I were you, I would first ask around to friends and family if they know any artist in the area. There is nothing like supporting the local community. And you could book a studio visit and see the artwork live before making the purchase.

Also, if you want to buy real art on a budget, talking directly to the artist might help to get a discount.

What Is The Best Online Art Selling Platform?

Currently, looking at the number of positive reviews the best online art selling platform is Saartchi Art.

If you don’t know any artist locally or prefer to look at a broader selection of art, going online will give you many ideas as a wedding gift.

Saatchi Art is a marketplace where artists sell their paintings to a wide range of collectors or interior designers.

The best thing about this platform, in my opinion, is that have been in the online world for the longest time. Also, their customer service has proved over and over to be outstanding.

When you are unsure of what sort of art you want, the team of curators at Saatchi Art will advise you. They can put together a short list of original paintings for you, according to your taste and budget.

luxury wedding gifts for couple

3 Unique Wedding Gifts Ideas

1. Abstract Landscape Oil Painting

2. Abstract Flower Painting Diptyque

3. Rose Oil Painting On Canvas

What Is Boho Style Art?

How Do You Decorate A Large Wall In Boho Style?

If you are a boho style lover, you will want to help the new couple decorate a large wall in their apartment in this style.

When you want to decorate a large wall in boho style you have two options.

You can go eclectic and create a gallery wall or go bold with a rose oil painting on canvas, for example.

One large painting on canvas has such a presence that is able to fill the space with its elegance.

Can You Mix Boho And Modern Decor?

Since many people wonder if they can mix boho and modern decor, we are going to review here why you definitely can:

  • Firstly, a reminder: our home is our safe place, and all styles are valid if they serve you.
  • Secondly, a style decor is flexible. You can lean towards a boho style but still want a modern earth tone living room in a first time apartment.
  • And finally, you could pair a boho style botanical artwork with a warm neutral living room. If you do so, you will create a focal point in the neutral indoor living space.

As conclusion, I hope you have found clarity and determination for choosing your present.

If you have decided to go ahead and invest on an original painting for your best friend, I am sure my tips for where to buy original art online will help.

This post was all about giving you unique wedding gifts ideas for a couple first time apartment.

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