A Guide to Art Journaling to Support Well Being

Welcome to the self-expression world of art journaling!

Firstly, I want you to know that this creative practice is for all levels, even for those seeking art journal ideas for beginners.

In this guide we will be exploring the benefits of journaling to support well being.

With it, I am hoping you want to try this versatile form of self-expression, where with a simple journal or sketchbook you allow yourself to explore thoughts, emotions, and experiences through various artistic mediums.

For example, cut paper collage is a technique that adds layers of creativity and tactile interest to your visual diary.

Also, art journaling often includes a mix of drawings, paintings, collages, and written words.

These allow you to capture and reflect on your inner world in a visually engaging way.

So, this process provides a unique outlet for creativity, self-discovery, and emotional expression, making it a therapeutic and enjoyable activity for people of all skill levels.

In conclusion, in this simple guide I will be talking about the transformative magic of art and journaling combined, and how to get started in easy steps.

Dive into the therapeutic world of art journaling with our guide. Explore the benefits of journaling, get creative with magazine collage art mixed media, and find inspiring art journal ideas for beginners.

How does art journaling help with mental health?

An artist’s journal is not merely a collection of pages.

When you start your own art journal, it quickly becomes a dynamic space where your mind finds introspection and healing.

So, one of the benefits of journaling is that it serves as a safe place for your soul to pour out emotions, thoughts, and dreams.

Yes, it can provide a beautiful outlet while looking after your mental well-being.

For example, imagine strokes of paint, sketches, and collages.

All of these become a therapeutic channel for you to understand the complexities of our inner worlds.

In fact, while creating within the pages of an artist’s journal we are using this powerful tool for self-discovery and understanding.

Also, while you are looking for art journal inspiration ideas, you are already in the path of creativity and introspection.

Because this artistic process intertwines with mindfulness, offering a unique way to explore and articulate thoughts and emotions.

So, as you go through the pages of your artist’s journal, remember that you’re not just creating art.

You are cultivating a space where your mental health and creativity harmoniously come together.

Which type of journaling is beneficial for mental wellbeing?

I know there are different opinions on which type of journaling is beneficial for mental wellbeing.

For me, this choice depends on personal preferences and needs.

Here are a few types of journaling that are known for their positive impact on mental health:


Gratitude Journaling.

As it has become increasingly popular in the last years, it is helping more people to focusing on the positive aspects of our life.

By daily writing down the things we’re grateful for, we can shift our mindset and promote feelings of contentment.


Art Journaling.

Here we are expressing emotions through creative outlets, such as drawing, painting, or collage.

It can be highly therapeutic.

I hand down love this type of journaling. Because it provides a visual and tactile way to process my thoughts and emotions.


Mindfulness Journaling.

As you probably already know, practicing mindfulness involves being fully present in the moment.

So that mindfulness journaling usually includes observations of the surroundings, emotions, and sensations, fostering self-awareness and stress reduction.


Bullet Journaling.

I know, this is a systematic approach to journaling.

But when we use the method bullet point to organize tasks, events, and thoughts we can improve productivity and reduce feelings of overwhelm. And it can be creative too!


Reflection Journaling.

Have you ever tried writing about your experiences, thoughts, and feelings?

This process can promote understanding, emotional release, and personal growth.

And it is so easy to start! You only need pen and paper, nothing fancy.


Dream Journaling.

Even if I have never kept a dream journal, I include it here.

I believe that for some of you recording dreams can offer insights into your subconscious mind, helping to understand hidden emotions and concerns.


Self-Compassion Journaling.

Now days we encourage our children to practise compassion with their siblings or classmates.

But we can´t forget to cultivate self-compassion to oneself.

So, by writing kind and understanding messages to oneself, we promote self-love and acceptance.


Ultimately, the most beneficial type of journaling is the one that resonates with your own preferences and goals.

And experimenting with different approaches can help you decide which journaling style helps your mental well-being the most.

What are 10 benefits of journaling?

If you decide to start practising journaling, you will quickly feel the benefits on your mental, emotional, and even physical well-being.

Here are ten advantages of incorporating journaling into your routine:

  1. Stress Reduction.

Expressing thoughts on paper can help unload stress and tension, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

  1. Improve Emotional Intelligence.

Regular journaling can improve self-awareness, helping us understand and manage our emotions more effectively.

  1. Improved Mood.

As a mother of little ones, I have experienced that writing about positive experiences or practicing gratitude in a journal have boosted my mood and overall happiness.

  1. Problem Solving.

Journaling provides a structured space to analyze challenges and find solutions, and it fosters a sense of control.

  1. Clarity and Focus.

Organizing thoughts on paper can bring clarity to complex situations and enhance mental focus.

  1. Goal Setting and Achievement.

While you are journaling about your goals, you define them clearly.

So that you will making it more likely to achieve them and track their progress over time.

  1. Boosted Creativity.

Artistic forms of journaling, such as drawing or collage, can stimulate creativity and innovative thinking.

  1. Self-Reflection.

Journaling allows you to reflect on your experiences, leading to personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself.

  1. Improved Sleep.

When you are putting worries on paper before bedtime, you can clear the mind.

So, you are potentially improving the quality of your sleep.

  1. Physical Health Benefits.

Also, some research suggests that regular journaling may have positive effects on physical health, such as reduced blood pressure and improved immune function.


In conclusion, journaling brings benefits and holistic advantages in our life.

Are you convinced to start your art journal yet?

Dive into the therapeutic world of art journaling with our guide. Explore the benefits of journaling, get creative with magazine collage art mixed media, and find inspiring art journal ideas for beginners.

How To Do Art Journaling?

Essential Tools and Materials for art journaling

Here’s a simple guide on how to get started with art journaling:


  • Gather Your Supplies

First, you will need a sketchbook  or journal with thick, sturdy pages to accommodate various art mediums.

Also acquire art supplies like colored pencils , markers, watercolors, glue, scissors, and any other materials you usually enjoy working with.


  • Incorporate Visual Elements

In addition, you can add drawings, doodles, or paintings to complement your written words.

For example, you can include photographs, magazine clippings, or other found materials like scrapbook paper to create collages.

Dive into the therapeutic world of art journaling with our guide. Explore the benefits of journaling, get creative with magazine collage art mixed media, and find inspiring art journal ideas for beginners.

How To Choose the Right Journal

First, I would advise you not to get obsessed by choosing the right journal and simply start in a normal pad.

Once you know you are continuing with this practise, you can look for an art journal that is useful and can fulfil the experience.

However, there are some tips on how to select the perfect journal for your needs:


Consider the Size

   – Think about whether you prefer a compact, portable journal or a larger one with more space for creativity.

   – Consider the size of your handwriting and how much content you want to include on each page.


Paper Quality Matters

   – Opt for a journal with high-quality paper to prevent ink bleeding and ensure durability.

   – Choose the paper type that complements your preferred writing and artistic tools, whether it’s smooth, textured, or suitable for mixed media.


Binding and Cover

   – Decide between a hardcover or softcover journal based on your preference for sturdiness and flexibility.

   – Check the binding to ensure it lays flat when open, providing ease of use across the entire page.


Lined or Blank Pages

   – Consider whether you prefer lined pages for structured writing or blank pages for artistic freedom and sketching.

   – Some journals offer a combination of both, providing versatility for various forms of expression.


Aesthetic Appeal

   – Choose a journal with a cover design that resonates with you and complements your personal style.

   – Consider customization options if you want to add a personal touch or make it uniquely yours.



   – Assess the durability of the cover and binding to ensure your journal withstands daily use.

   – If you plan to carry it with you, a more robust cover may be preferable.


Additional Features

   – Look for journals with built-in bookmarks, pockets, or elastic closures for added convenience.

   – Some journals come with pre-printed prompts or inspirational quotes, which can be beneficial for guided journaling.


Purpose and Intent

   – Determine the primary purpose of your journaling – whether it’s for daily reflections, goal setting, creative expression, or a combination.

   – Tailor your choice based on how you intend to use the journal and what features will support your goals.


Ultimately, the right journal is the one that aligns with your preferences, enhances your writing or artistic experience, and encourages regular use. Take the time to explore different options, considering the factors that matter most to you.

What Is the Artist Method of Journaling?

As an artist, my experience with journaling is a blend of creative expression with written reflection.

For me, it involves visually documenting my thoughts and feelings through drawings, sketches, and mixed media paper collage art.

Also, I know many artists that often use prompts or page themes to spark their creativity.

Here the goal is turning the creative process into a meditative experience.

Another approach is to reflect on entries artistically, exploring the sensory aspects of the materials used.

Likewise, artists are fond of establishing rituals for their dedicated journaling space, as well as engaging with artistic communities for inspiration.

To sum up, the artist’s method combines storytelling through images, encouraging a narrative approach to visual expression.

Dive into the therapeutic world of art journaling with our guide. Explore the benefits of journaling, get creative with magazine collage art mixed media, and find inspiring art journal ideas for beginners.

How to Start Art Journaling for Beginners

I have put together a few things to consider on how to start art journaling when you try for the first time.


Create a Welcoming Space

   – It helps your concentration if you sit in a comfortable and well-lit workspace free from distractions.

   – Maybe playing some soft music? Creating a calming atmosphere will enhance your creative experience.


Choose Your Theme or Intent

   – If you are afraid of the blank page, choose a theme or emotion to work on your art journaling session, because it will help you start.

   – As well as having a loose plan can guide your creativity and make the process more intentional.


Express Yourself in Words

   – Write freely about your thoughts, feelings, or experiences. This can be a stream of consciousness, poetry, or structured journaling prompts.

   – Experiment with different writing styles to find what resonates with you.


Reflect on Your Creations

   – Lastly take time to reflect on the completed pages. Consider the emotions and thoughts expressed in both words and visuals.

   – And use your art journal as a aesthetic and beautiful tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

Dive into the therapeutic world of art journaling with our guide. Explore the benefits of journaling, get creative with magazine collage art mixed media, and find inspiring art journal ideas for beginners.

Art Journaling Techniques for Beginners

If you are a beginner at art journaling the process might seem a bit daunting.

But you don’t need to worry too much, because once you start you will learn techniques along the way.

Here are some tips on art journaling techniques if you are a beginner:


Experiment with Techniques

   – It is important, and fun, to try various art techniques. For example: layering, shading, or creating textures, will add depth and visual interest to your work.

   – As a beginner, let yourself to explore different styles until you find your own. For example, start with abstract and then move on to realistic. Eventually you will find your unique artistic voice.


Embrace Imperfection

   – Actually, this is so important. Art journaling is about self-expression, not perfection. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes or try unconventional approaches.

   – In fact, use these mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow in your artistic journey.

Dive into the therapeutic world of art journaling with our guide. Explore the benefits of journaling, get creative with magazine collage art mixed media, and find inspiring art journal ideas for beginners.

How To Combine Journaling and Cut Paper Collage

If you are looking into starting art journaling, a perfect way would be combining journaling and cut paper collage.

It offers a unique and expressive way to capture thoughts and emotions.

Before you start, selecting a journal with sturdy pages to support collage elements will help you throughout the process of paper collage.

As you journal, incorporate cut paper elements that symbolize or enhance your written words. Always experiment with layering, textures, and colors to bring depth to your pages.

For example, use cut paper to create borders, frames, or backgrounds for your written content. And allow the process to be intuitive, letting your emotions guide your artistic choices.

This fusion of journaling and cut paper collage creates a visually rich and emotionally resonant record of your thoughts and experiences.

Dive into the therapeutic world of art journaling with our guide. Explore the benefits of journaling, get creative with magazine collage art mixed media, and find inspiring art journal ideas for beginners.

Experiment With Magazine Collage Art

Now, let´s get more specific when experimenting with art journaling.

As a pro tip, I would encourage you to experiment with magazine collage art. The creativity of this technique is endless!

To kickstart, you need to gather a diverse selection of magazines, each offering a unique tapestry of images.

From the vibrant hues of nature to the cutting-edge world of fashion or the wanderlust-inducing travel spreads, let the pages of these magazines become your artistic playground!

As you flip through the pages, let your intuition guide you.

Snip out images that catch your eye, patterns that intrigue you, and textures that speak to your senses.

Keep in mind that the beauty of magazine collage lies in its ability to seamlessly weave together disparate elements into a cohesive masterpiece.

Now, enjoy the process when you arrange and rearrange these cutouts on your journal.

For instance, you can play with scale, juxtapose contrasting images, or even experiment with different layouts.

Here the goal is to create a visually striking composition that not only pleases the eye but also tells a unique visual story, your story!

Most importantly, let go of any preconceived notions and embrace the spontaneity of the process.

Magazine collage art has no rules.

So, allow your creativity to flow and have fun in the process.

Here the beauty lays on the experimentation and self-discovery that this technique offers.

Dive into the therapeutic world of art journaling with our guide. Explore the benefits of journaling, get creative with magazine collage art mixed media, and find inspiring art journal ideas for beginners.

How To Incorporate Mixed Media in Your Art Journal Pages

If you decide to incorporate mixed media into your art journal pages you will add depth and texture to your visual storytelling.

Here are a few tips to use mixed media elements into your art journal:


  • Choose Your Base & Materials

Start with a sturdy art journal and various mixed media supplies such as acrylic paints, watercolors, colored pencils, markers, washi tape, fabric scraps, etc. Here the key is to have a diverse selection to play with.


  • Create A Background & Add Texture

Begin by painting your background with paints, or watercolors. This will be your foundation to incorporate some paper or fabric for texture.


  • Experiment with Stencils, Stamps, and Found Objects

A good tip is to use stencils or stamps to add intricate patterns to your pages.

Also found objects like buttons, beads, or natural elements add interest onto your pages.


  • Protect Your Pages

Lastly, apply a clear fixative or varnish to your completed page.

This will protect the layers you have created.

If you plan to continue working on the journal this step is pretty essential.

In conclusion, with this guide my intention is that you find joy in your art journal during a challenging week, or when you experience frustration or self-doubt.

In essence, look at your art journal as a tool for navigating your life’s highs and lows.

Finally, set aside dedicated time and grab your journal.

Let the magic of art journaling support your well being in the most creative way!

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