Easy Art Journaling Process: How To Use Collage to Fill Your Sketchbook

Are you ready to learn how to use collage to fill your sketchbook or art journal? With my tips this will be an easy process for you.

Imagine turning a boring sketchbook into a vibrant book full of art.

You will learn the steps of making captivating journal book cover collages. Also we will explore how to craft easy art journal backgrounds that are perfect for visual storytelling.

And using scrap paper we will have fun transforming common blank pages into expressive art journal pages that you will love.

So let’s begin!

Have you tried art journaling yet? With these ideas you will create dynamic art journal pages and design your own journal book cover with collages.

How Do You Make a Journal Collage?

Let’s say you’ve decided to create a journal collage with a theme centered around self-discovery and positivity.

But how do you begin, right? There are so many options that it can feel overwhelming.

Start by flipping through magazines or gathering scrap paper with vibrant colors and uplifting phrases.

Then cut out images of serene landscapes, motivational quotes, and symbols that resonate with your personal journey.

Now, think of elements like scrap paper and motivational quotes. How do you want these elements to come together?

Firstly, a tip is to play with the arrangement on a separate surface before committing to gluing.

And, after the page is designed, add layers with decorative paper or textures. This will give a great visual effect to your work.

Now, let’s talk more in depth on how to make your journal collage work.

Have you tried art journaling yet? With these ideas you will create dynamic art journal pages and design your own journal book cover with collages.

How Do You Make a Paper Collage Work?

Do you want to create a captivating paper collage?

Although the process isn’t complicated, here’s a step-by-step guide to making your paper collage work:

1. Gather Materials

Collect a variety of colored or even tissue papers.

2. Select a Theme

Decide on a theme for your page. For example, a specific color or one emotion like peaceful.

3. First Sketch

You will find helpful to first sketch a rough outline of how you are planning to glue the main elements on the page. This helps in visualizing the composition.

4. Cut with Precision

If you use sharp scissors to cut out images and shapes precisely you will get clean cuts that contribute to the overall aesthetic.

5. Create Layers

If you want to add depth to your collage the easiest way is overlapping images. This can bring a sense of dimension and complexity to your artwork. Don´t be shy!

6. Incorporate Textures

I would encourage you to add fabric. If you experiment with its sensory effect, I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

7. Final Touches

Now it is time for those adding those final touches to your collage.

If you like embellishments add small doodles or paint accents.

How Do You Make a Newspaper Collage?

Now, let’s get more specific and talk about how to make a paper collage work.

Creating a newspaper collage is just as fun as working with normal paper. Only that it is an eco-friendly way to express your creativity.

Here the step-by-step guide to making a newspaper collage will be like using normal paper.

However, there are some considerations to keep in mind when collaging with newspaper.


Cut Out Images

When you are using newspaper for your collage you can cut out images, but also headlines or text. Explore various sections to find diverse content for your collage.


Careful Gluing

Once you start gluing your cutouts onto the base, try using a thin layer of glue to avoid wrinkling the newspaper. This technique will ensure a smooth finish that looks professional.


Thinking of a background?

If you are thinking about adding a background for your collage, you can paint the page first for a uniform look. Then you can add the newspaper elements.


Experiment with Textures

Now you can introduce textures by crumpling, tearing, or folding the newspaper before gluing. This adds a tactile element to your collage. And interest!


Finally, remember to enjoy the process and let your creativity flow as you repurpose newspapers into collage that is visually appealing to your aesthetics.

Have you tried art journaling yet? With these ideas you will create dynamic art journal pages and design your own journal book cover with collages.

What Are The 7 Things to Consider When Creating a Collage?

If you want to create a collage that is captivating, you need to think on it as more than just composition.

Here I explain what I think are the 7 things you need to consider when creating a collage:


  1. Theme and Concept

When you have a defined theme or concept for your creative process you will give your collage a purpose and narrative.

Whether you’re expressing emotions, telling a story, or exploring abstract ideas, a clear theme provides the groundwork for your artistic exploration.


  1. Materials Selection

Now, the selection of materials is like choosing the colors on your palette.

Elements like textures, colors, and shapes are fun to experiment with.

Also consider incorporating fabric scraps, found objects, or even snippets from magazines.


  1. Base and Layout

If you choose a sturdy base your collage will last longer.

Also important is to try different layouts before committing to gluing. Think of this process as finding the sweet spot where all elements harmonize.


  1. Layering and Depth

Yes, layering is where the magic happens.

If you overlap elements, you will get a three-dimensional effect.

Also using different sizes will help to add depth and even a sense of mystery within your composition.


  1. Color Harmony

As I am sure you have heard before, different colors evoke various emotions.

For example, if you aim to convey energy and passion then use warm tones.

On the contrary cool tones evoke calmness.

And, if you play with contrasts, you will make elements pop!


  1. Balance and Symmetry

Now, achieving balance is an art in itself!

While symmetry can provide a sense of order and tranquility, asymmetry injects movement and excitement.

So, try and find a balance between the visual weight of the elements on your collage, and a level of asymmetry.

If you get the balance right, you will get a piece that is aesthetic.


  1. Personal Touch

Lastly, let your personality show into the collage and make it uniquely yours.

For example, you can do some hand-drawing or add personal photographs.

When you glue some personal touch, you add sentiment and authenticity.


If you are new to this process of creating collage art, let your intuition guide your choices, and don’t be afraid to change your plan halfway through. You will learn making one collage at a time.

Have you tried art journaling yet? With these ideas you will create dynamic art journal pages and design your own journal book cover with collages.

How Do You Decorate a Journal?

Now, it is time to have fun!

Because decorating your art journal allows you to stamp your personality and creativity into its pages, with no pressure!

If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your journal keep on reading:


Embellishments and Trinkets

Jazz up your journal with embellishments like ribbons, buttons, or small trinkets. Glue or stitch these additions onto the pages for a touch of charm.


Hand-Drawn Designs

When you do some doodles like borders or patterns, you will give a personal touch to your journal.



Now, there is a world of beautiful stickers out there.

If you like this idea, choose some that resonate with you and use them strategically throughout your pages.

Have you tried art journaling yet? With these ideas you will create dynamic art journal pages and design your own journal book cover with collages.

Journal Book Cover Collage

And, if you want to go further with your journal, you can design the book cover using collage too.

Here are several imaginative ways to adorn your journal cover:



You can collage your journal’s cover using a variety of materials, such as fabric, washi tape, or decoupage.

If you do this, you will create a visually appealing cover.


Creative Lettering

If you want to grab attention, use different fonts and sizes when writing on the cover of your journal.


Pocket Inserts

Aren’t these a useful idea for your inside cover?

By gluing small envelopes in the inside of your cover, you will be able to keep notes or other small artworks.

So, it’s a practical and decorative element!


Washi Tape Magic

If you are a fan of washi tape, here is the perfect scenario for you.

Some ideas are creating borders, tape in pictures or frame sections of text.

The sky is the limit!

Have you tried art journaling yet? With these ideas you will create dynamic art journal pages and design your own journal book cover with collages.

To conclude, only a reminder: the beauty of art journaling lies not in the finished pages but in the process itself.

So, embrace the freedom of collage, and experiment with the tips you have read in this article.

Now, pick up those scraps, and let the pages of your sketchbook come alive with these easy collage art ideas for journaling!

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