7 Small Entryway Decor Wall Art Ideas Using Abstract Watercolor

Making your home entrance look pretty and welcoming is an exciting project.

And don’t worry if you have a small entryway. Definitely you can make it stand out with these 7 entryway decor wall art ideas using my affordable and beautiful abstract watercolor prints.

If you are anything like me, choosing new decor items for any area in your family house is something to look forward to.

Although it is not easy to find what you want if you are mindful of a tight budget.

When it comes to wall art, decisions are even more difficult. And price tags vary enormously. So, what should I put on my entryway wall? you wonder.

Here you will find abstract, affordable watercolor prints for sale that will inspire you to make your front entry look nice.

This post is all about helping you If you struggle with ideas on how to decorate your small empty entrance wall.

entryway decor wall art flowers

Small Entryway Wall Decor Ideas

What Kind of Art Do You Put in An Entryway?

When it comes to your home entryway, you want to choose wall art that best represents you and your family.

However, there are important things to consider, such as a narrow front entry, poor lighting, etc.

If you live in an apartment with a narrow front entrance, then you will benefit from one single large fine art print.

My experience is that having a gallery wall with multiple frames, can be unsafe when located in a highly trafficked area.

You might be better off, and safer, hanging one big, framed wall art print.

small entryway large wall print


How To Use Artwork To Create A Stunning Focal Point

Modern Entryway Wall Decor Ideas

How can I make my entryway more welcoming?

If you enjoy receiving friends in your home, you will want them to feel welcome since they come in your entryway.

I find that a clutter free entrance makes the best first impression. And also, it gives you a blank canvas. Now you can style a modern entryway with these wall decor ideas.

Affordable Watercolor Prints for Sale

7 Beautiful Wall Art Decor Ideas for Your Small Entryway


If you are a brave home maker, you for sure will enjoy playing with contemporary artworks and vintage accent decor.

In this picture, you can be inspired by the mix of both art styles: modern and classical.


If you can´t commit to one single art piece, try designing your very own art gallery wall with affordable fine art prints.

The whole project will not break the bank, and it will make a stunning focal point for your home entrance.


When you find an artwork that you truly love, you want to see it every day.

In fact, you want to show it off to every single person that comes to your apartment.

So, place it in your entryway to welcome your friends and family.


If you enjoy landscape art, placing a large plant together with a botanical print will showcase your personal taste in your home entrance.

Make the most of the greenery decor that you can find in your local garden center. And don’t be afraid to purchase a large size art print to go along with it.


If you are not afraid of bold colors, you can definitely benefit from this mix and match wall gallery trend.

Bold colorful abstract flowers prints are the best to create an art gallery wall in your entryway. It will be so fun!


Somebody said, go large or go home… And if you have a large empty wall, please go big, and I mean big.

There is nothing like entering a friend’s home and seeing a beautiful, framed artwork that goes from floor to ceiling.

Your family and friends won’t be able to pass by it without commenting or making a remark.

I find abstract flowers are a winner for this!


If you are looking for eclectic decor ideas, this one in for you.

  • Firstly, choose your theme, for example abstract floral art.
  • Secondly purchase digital prints as a bundle from the same artist.
  • Thirdly order your prints in a variety of sizes.
  • Lastly choose different styles of frames for them.


If you follow these steps, you will be able to create an eclectic art gallery wall that your friends will be jealous of within budget.

Lastly, just a reminder of the importance of art in our lives. If you are reading this post, is because you care about your home aesthetics and find inspiration looking at beautiful things.

So that, if it is only one fine art print that you like, simply go for it. Do not worry about creating fancy picture walls or ordering a matching wall paint. Collect art and enjoy looking at it every day. It really is that simple.

Other Entryway Framed Wall Art Prints

Vintage Entryway Framed Wall Art Prints

If you like finding vintage decor for your home interior, you will know that it can get expensive.

However, there is another way to support contemporary artists without breaking the bank.

You will be able to find vintage style fine art prints at a very reasonable price from many artists´ online stores.

They will appreciate your support and you will have a vintage, framed wall art print that will make a statement piece in your entryway.

Large Entryway Framed Wall Art Prints

Now, if the wall in your entryway allows it, going large is what you want to do.

There is nothing like making a big statement with a stunning art piece in your entryway.

And since buying a large original artwork requires of a thoughtful investment, purchasing a framed wall art print seems much more reasonable when unsure of our style choices.

Entryway Framed Wall Art Prints from Amazon

If convenience is your priority, hands down I will advise to purchase a pretty art print from Amazon.

Nowadays you most likely can add a framed option to the cart.

We are all used to navigate this marketplace, so it is quick and easy to find something that we like.

And I get it. Sometimes we are in a tight deadline and need an express delivery, or simply can´t afford to support a local artist.

This blog post was all about helping you If you struggle with ideas on how to decorate your small empty entrance wall.

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