7 Beautiful Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas | Fall Inspired Wall Art Prints

If you want to bring warmth and coziness into your home, these fall inspired wall art prints will inspire you to do just that.

With the arrival of fall we tend to cozy up in our home. And nothing better like styling your bedroom to look autumnal and ready for the new season.

If like me you are a Pinterest user, you will be aware of the big amount of ideas for boho bedroom decor.

And although most of them are beautiful, they are also unpractical for the everyday life or when you are a family with children.


This post is all about giving you boho bedroom decor ideas using fall inspired wall art prints.

fall inspired oil painting flowers prints

How Should I Decorate My Room for Fall?

How Do I Make My Room Autumnal?

If the fall season is around the corner, you might be feeling like staying at home and inviting friends over.

When you have little ones in the family, going out becomes more of a chore. There are coats, and boots and umbrellas to organize.

So, spending your evening in is your best plan.

However, fall colors are beautiful and maybe you still want to enjoy the season.

Try these easy tips to make your room autumnal:



Over the summer we tend to be out and about. Maybe you have not been organizing your wardrobe as often? Or there are toys that doesn’t suit your children´s age anymore?


Deep Clean Your Space

Once you have decluttered, deep clean your space. There is nothing like starting with a fresh new canvas.


Autumnal Home Accents

Now it is time to have fun! I believe it is not about quantity but quality. Choose 3 to 5 autumnal inspired decor items. For example, a new cushion or cozy bed sheet set, some warm led candle lights, or a plant foliage perfect for indoors.


Fall Inspired Wall Art Prints

If you want to transform a room, painting the walls with a new color or using wallpaper will do it for you.

However, if you are not quite ready to go all in, curating a collection of fall inspired wall art prints will add personality and interest to your bedroom within budget.

warm color modern gallery wall

How To Decorate a Room with Art Prints?

If you are wondering how to make an impact in your room decor within budget, updating your wall decor can definitely help on that mission.

Think about it. Choosing a new wall color paint is an investment, both in time and budget. And not that easy to change if you end up not liking it.

Now days you can easily find wall art downloadable and framed art prints. Independent artists and illustrators sell their digital art in online marketplaces that are well recognized.

Have you visited Saatchi Art yet? It is a great marketplace for finding original or fine art prints that you will receive framed and ready to hang.

How Do You Display Art Prints In A Bedroom?

How Do You Mix And Match A Gallery Wall?

If you are anything like me designing your own gallery wall is an exciting project.

  1. Firstly, you need to gather your favourite art pieces around your home. Do they need a new frame? Is there any of their glass broken? Are they all clean and ready for display?
  2. Secondly, decide on your 1 to 3 most favourite pictures. The key here is to make sure they stand out among the rest.
  3. Thirdly, arrange the other artwork around your favourite.


If you follow these steps, you will feel less intimidated when trying to mix and match a gallery wall.

Should A Gallery Wall Have All The Same Frames?

If you are wondering if your gallery wall should have all the same frames, the answer is absolutely not.

When you think about it, curating artwork for your living space is something you do over time. Actually, it can take years!

So that it will be difficult that all the posters, or original artwork, that you have been collecting have the same frame.

In short, a gallery wall should be meaningful and beautiful to you. Enjoy displaying your memorabilia!

earthy wall art downloadable

How Do You Arrange Prints On A Wall?

When it comes to arranging prints on the wall, there are many tips and step to follow on the internet.

However, I have always felt intimidated by the amount of work and number of steps to follow to design the perfect gallery wall.

If you want to arrange prints on a wall, you need to make one decision only: what are your 1 to 3 favourite prints? That´s it, believe me!

Example of how to easily arrange prints on a wall:


  1. Choose 1 to 3 favourite prints.
  2. Hang them in the centre of the wall to create a focal point.
  3. Arrange the smaller prints around the ones in the centre.
  4. Going outwards, your gallery wall will expand over time.


As a result, your prints gallery wall will be up. It will also have a focal point that makes your favourite artwork stand out from the rest.

And if there is a piece of art that you feel you want to rearrange, now you can do it easily, because you see how the wall looks.

How Do You Display Art Prints Without Hanging?

If you are in love with an artwork, but are not quite ready to give it a permanent spot in your space, what can you do?

Please do not hesitate to display your art prints!

Here are some ideas on how to display art prints without hanging:

  1. Decorate your mantle with it.
  2. If you have a windowsill place it there.
  3. On the floor, next to a foliage plant or other hanging artwork.
  4. Style your shelf including your art print.
  5. On a dresser leaning against the wall.
  6. On a chair that is not used.


I hope you find these ideas inspiring!

cozy framed art prints

How Do I Choose A Theme For My Gallery Wall?

7 Earthy and Cozy Framed Art Prints

In this post we are talking about fall inspired wall art prints. If we are going for a cozy and earthy feeling, choosing fall as your theme is the way to go.

You can easily purchase one of these 7 earthy and cozy framed art prints. And you will receive it in your home ready to hang and enjoy.

How To Do A Boho Style In A Bedroom?

How Do I Make My Room Look Bohemian?

If you like neutrals, making your room look bohemian should not be difficult.

In fact, doing a boho style in your bedroom is all about using neutral colors as your base.

As a tip, a boho style uses textures that you can include in rugs, throw blankets or pillows.

Lastly, the secret is to collect accessories that are colorful and warm.

These should complement your neutral base. So, a palette of terracotta, black, sage and olive green are perfect as pops of color.

How To Decorate Bohemian On A Budget?

If you are in a budget, decorate bohemian will make things easier for you, and your wallet.

How far you want to go into a boho style is up to you, but with a handful of bohemian accessories you can totally get the look.

For example, think of creating a corner in your bedroom that is cozy and beautiful. It can serve as a focal point.

Think of it: hang a fall inspired fine art print with an indoor plant next to it. Wouldn’t it make a cozy corner? And it can be inexpensive, don´t you agree?

This blog post was all about giving you boho bedroom decor ideas using fall inspired wall art prints.

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